Death by Narcissism

There is no doubt about it, we take the internet for granted. The way social media has sculpted the new generation is impressive. It is so ingrained in our lives that not having the internet is a source of anxiety for some.

However, as people’s lives become more intertwined with social media, it has created a more narcissistic world. People will post anything and everything to get ‘likes’. We’ve all seen it, videos of an impending disaster that could have been avoided by a helping hand. However, that helping hand was more preoccupied with recording the disaster and posting it on social media. People actively put themselves in harm’s way just for media fame, evidenced by the number of selfie induced deaths.

Mass shooting events garner a lot of media attention. 20 years ago the only coverage of disasters like this would have been from news stations. Nowadays, you needn’t look further than Facebook live to be placed right in the heart of the action. Rather than cover for safety or help friends/family or even strangers out of harm’s way, lots of people decide the more appropriate action is to film and share the event online. In a way, it’s impressive how far technology has come for people to be able to share such events to the world in a matter of seconds. Though this need for attention and fame comes at a cost.

We often see videos on Facebook of people handling washed up sea creatures to take pictures, rather than putting them back in the water. Sadly, many of them die from being out of the water for too long or the prolonged stress of being man-handled. This new ‘selfie’ generation will stop at nothing for the perfect photo. So many deaths have been caused, that you are now statistically more likely to die from a taking selfie than a shark attack. According to the Telegraph, “There have been twelve recorded selfie deaths in 2015 so far, compared to eight people dying because of shark attacks”.

As a society, we need to change, we need to stop valuing likes over humanity. We need to use the technology given to us in a more intelligent way. Social media becomes a window into peoples personal lives. The instant gratification that people receive from likes on photographs has an addictive effect. The more outrageous, shocking or crazy the content is, the more likes and attention this post is going to generate.This narcissism, however, comes at a cost.

2 Replies to “Death by Narcissism”

  1. My god! This reminds me of the online communities that do skyscraper parkour. Do you think these groups should be shut down online? It is removing freedom of speech but it is removing platform for it to be encouraged?

    1. Very interesting question! I don’t think it should be shut down, but I do think people need to be more aware of the consequences. I think we need to get more in touch with our fellow beings and stop being so selfish.

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