Work In The Media Industry – Seminar Five


Before officially starting this post I want to provide context. Context in the form of a definition. This post looks at a seminar analysing Produsage and Context. Although coined, to provide insight I would define Produsage as: Community/user-led software that leads to the co-existence of production and usage.


After discussing the assigned reading in groups within our seminar. We concluded there were several key pieces of information that should not be missed. When interpreting the contents of the reading.

The first being that the authors portray that there are three significant events. That took place between 2005-6 that affect intellectual life of developing nations. These three events were as followed. One: Yahoo bought Flicker. Two: Google bought YouTube. Finally, Three: Murdoch bought MySpace. This was significant has it led to the development of economical-social change. By this I mean that it quickly became a trend of big commercial companies buying user-led platforms.

The second piece of key information was the relation of six factors that generation C referred to. The six C’s: Content, Creativity, Casual Collapse, Control (potentially too much could lead to a content ID issue), Cash (The big companies) and finally Celebrity.

Thirdly the reading went into detail discussing the relationship between the development of Web 2.0. In conjunction with generation C. Ultimately between our discussions and interpretations, we concluded: The relationship didn’t just appear. The two factors slowly emerged together. Acting co-dependently. Building and relying upon each other. Resulting in the balanced equilibrium and usage between the two.

I won’t list hundreds of examples of produsage because when given thought it’s pretty self-explanatory. Also, there’s thousands. However, I will say the fourth key point was a discussion of different produsage examples. Bruns uses Wikipedia as a valid example. When discussed we concluded another strong example would be the development of YouTube as a platform alongside the rising amount of forum pages. All acting as Produsage platforms.


We then went on to discuss the positive and negative consequences of produsage in relation to the media industry. It quickly became clear that in terms of the industry the negatives were much more apparent. Listing off copyright issues, Hierarchy conflict, cuts on distribution. All due to a severe lack of mediators. Less credit was being given to producers and being re-directed to social platforms. This has led to what is a growing problem in todays society: Fake news.

Finally we briefly discussed how we could apply this knowledge to own writing. The overall conclusion being: Relating produsage to my own use of media. This would act as a good broad scope that could then easily be refined and narrowed.


Bruns, A., 2008. The Future Is User-Led: The Path towards Widespread Produsage. Available at:

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